Bibbi Chair

Chair in soaped oak with a laser engraved seat crafted in vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery. A modern take on the chairs in my childhood home.


Apron in vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery. Can be ordered with your name or logotype engraved onto the pocket. Also available in childrens' sizes.


Attaché/computercase in vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery. Available with or without wooden handle.


A wooden backpack/portable office in cherry, airplane plywood and vegetable tanned leather. A rugsack designed to make it possible to bring your office to wherever you decide to work. Except being practical it gives you a possibility to create a more personal office space.



Hekto is a series of furniture made of oak, brass and leather from Tärnsjö tannery. It is a lightweight, collapsible furniture made in Lund with durable material that ages beautifully. The idea was to design a furniture for travelling, a safari furniture that would have been on one of Karen Blixen's expeditions.

The chair and stool can be folded . The table with a hatch, like a school desk, can be dismantled and made portable. Most brass-fittings are custom made, the oak is oiled and the leather is vegetable tanned, no 9209 in Tärnsjö tannerys series.

Hekto no1:

Hekto no2:

3 Hekto:


Handmade, sustainable, locally produced and signed furniture. Weave is designed in Nordic woods and woven with Danish cord. It is available in eight models, but can also be made to suit the customers requirements. All inquiries and orders is made by phone or email, see the website's contact page.

Weave no1:

Available also in children size

Weave no2:


Weave no3:

Weave no4:

Väv no4

Weave no5:

Weave no6:

Väv no6: Barnstol 1 900

Weave no7:



Pillows of vegetable tanned leather. Stuffed with horsehair. Available in various colors.